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Environmental Policy

Ready Case Ltd strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We try to align company goals along with environmental ones to encourage efficiency in various key areas:

  • Waste reduction,
  • Increased recycling,
  • Energy consumption reductions,
  • Analysing key equipment energy efficiency,
  • Maintaining all machinery to very high standards to ensure optimum operating efficiency.

Our primary products are manufactured using corrugated board, this is supplied from 2 different sources; recycled papers or papers produced from sustainable sources.

Recycled papers are made from materials that have originated from re-pulped paper based products.

Sustainable materials are virgin fibre based and are controlled by a variety of forest management schemes under Chain of Custody accreditation. One of the most widely know organisations within chain of custody is FSC. All of our primary suppliers are accredited by the FSC

Ready Case Ltd is BRC certified; this demonstrates that our products are manufactured and handled to a specified standard to help ensure their safety, quality and traceability throughout manufacture.