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Custom Orders

ReadyCase corrugated cardboard packaging fits your product, not the other way round.

If you haven't found what you want, we'll make it for you, to your specification.
Whatever type of cardboard box, package or shipping carton you're looking for, we have the solution.
As well as standard FEFCO boxes, we offer:
  • modified FEFCO cardboard boxes
  • bespoke customised boxes to suit your exact requirements
Ideal for
  • Individual bottles
  • Gifts
  • Specialist products
  • High-value products
  • Exporting / importing
Bespoke design and manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging includes;
  • size of box - length, width, depth
  • material
  • fluting
  • paper grades
  • print quality
  • design and branding
  • presentation - branding, stitched case, colour
  • carrier requirements

We have many years experience in bottled and specialist distribution and packaging - so we make sure the case is right for you, your products and the carrier.

Contact us to discuss your custom packaging requirements